WA Convention Program

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8.00 am

Welcome Address

Ms. Nicole Couper
President WA, CBFCA

Mr. Frank Moore

8:15 am

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) - update

Ms. Jessica Winnall
Director, Australian Trusted Trader
Australian Trusted Trader and Trade Services Branch
  • Questions and Answers     

8:45 am

Biosecurity Update / CBC Session 19/20-01

Ms. Julie Weymouth, Director, Assessment Policy & Projects, Compliance Policy, Compliance Division,  Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
Mr. Rama Karri, Director, Cargo and Mail, Compliance Controls, Compliance Division, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • BMSB - review of main issues / treatment certs / planning for next season
  • AEPCOMM - what's next ???
  • Approved Arrangements
  • Questions and Answers

9:45 am


Free Trade Agreements - an Update

Mr. Michael McGuire, Assistant Director, Trade and Investment Advocacy Branch, Regional Trade Agreements Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • The negotiating agenda for Free Trade Agreements
  • What the government is doing about non-tariff barriers
  • How can the FTA Portal assist you
  • Questions and Answers

10:45 am

Morning Tea   


Mr. Andrew Hudson
Partner, Rigby Cooke Lawyers
Mr. Andrew Hudson
Partner, Rigby Cooke Lawyers

11:15 am

Illegal Logging Update

Ms. Sophie Osburn
Director, Non-Compliance Assessment and Response, Compliance Testing and Intervention Branch, Compliance Division

  • Recent prosecutions
  • Broker obligations
  • What to tell you clients
  • Questions and Answers

11:45 am

ABF Trade and Goods Compliance

Ms. Julie Piscicelli, Supervisor, National Customs Compliance Program
Ms. Kylie Parker, Supervisor, Customs Compliance Operations, WA

  • Compliance Focus 2019
  • Current issues in Border Operations
  • Questions and Answers

12:15 pm

LCBs - agent of the client or agent of the Government. The conflicted career

Mr. Andrew Hudson
Partner, Rigby Cooke Lawyers


  • TBA
  • Questions and Answers

1:15 pm

Product Emission Standards - Update

Ms.  Amanda Morvell - Education Manager, Air Quality Section, Industrial and Air Quality Branch , Climate Change Division
  • TBA
  • Questions and Answers 

1:45 pm



2:30 pm

Risk Management & Innovation in Customer Credit Processes

Mr. Darren Vardy
Director, SVPartners
  • Risk management when you subcontract out transport
  • Processes and rights surrounding exercising lien rights
  • Questions and Answers

3:30 pm

Chain of Responsibility and Customs Brokers / Freight Forwarders

Mr. Larry Phillips
Services Director, COR Australia
  • Review of CoR Parties
  • Review of CoR and its impact on Customs Brokers/Freight Forwarders
  • Review of possible solutions for handling containers
  • Questions and Answers

4:30 pm

Compliance from a Brokers Perspective

Ms. Sue Danks - Vice Chair, CBFCA
Director, Susan Danks Tariff Consulting Pty Ltd
  •  Questions & Answers

5:30 pm

Convention Close


5:30 pm 

Networking & Drinks       

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